HP Spectre X360 (Continued)

It has been a while since I’ve been posting. Still happy with the laptop and it indeed has some excellent battery stamina which actually keeps surprising me. In the meanwhile I’ve bought a pen, but am still waiting to really start using it and determine whether this is an addition of just a nice gimmick, but I guess this primarily will come down to software being used that makes use of pen input.

If you’re thinking about buying one of these machines, I would say go ahead, it looks good, and performance is good, though I can’t recommend whether that is for games as I haven’t played any games on it yet.

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And then you become a father again

Well that basically happened on the May 15th. Our lovely daughter Pleuni was born. Just like our firstborn she was born in the hospital after a cesarean. This meant that I haven’t been using the new laptop as often as I should to form already a good view on how much I like the new laptop. But then again, there’s more important aspects in life then new shiny things like the laptop.

In the coming days I’ll again start using the laptop a lot more then previously so my final view on whether it is likable or not but I’m glad that I’ve decided to buy this one, it was a close call with the Dell XPS 13 but in the and I felt that this one would give me a lot more value for money compared to the Dell one. It’s just a gut feeling that I went along with.

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Continued, the HP Spectre X360

Yes, I’m still happy with the laptop, it’s light and looks pretty and I hardly notice it in my backpack. last evening I just was loading some pictures on my laptop while at the same time McAffee was running it’s ‘planned’ scan of the laptop, maybe because i’m used to just using the already available defender, but I was actually surprised by the load it was generating on the system. Up till then I wasn’t aware of any sounds beiing made by the laptop and now it was humming so much that I was thinking it would take off to the moon ;).

I’m still deciding whether i’ll keep McAffee on the laptop or not. In the end, as long as I’m protected it is ok by me.

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HP spectre X360 continued

I’ve been using it now for several days and to be honest, I totally dig this windows machine, it just does what it needs to do and is very fast in booting up and shutting down. The keyboard is very comfortable and typing is pretty fast on it, as I type blind, I’m already get decent speeds on this keyboard, for one of the other reason there is also some learning curve with regards to new keyboards.

Currently I’m looking around for a pen to use with it so I can also do a bit more with some of my software, especially of course onenote, evernote and the adobe stack i’ve got.

The big test will of course come when the machine is fully loaded and some of the software starts to impact the load times. In the mean time I’ve decided to start off loading my Lenovo U510 and re-install it and start using it as the family laptop so my wife can also use it for her work.

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My new laptop

It’s been a while now since I bought my last laptop which is a Lenovo U510. I’ve been using it now for a while and have been struggling with its screen resolution, it’s a nice screen, but as it has a low resolution I can’t justify using it for my daily work so I decided to investigate what would be a nice replacement. I had the following requirements:

  1. It must be smaller than my current one which is 15″
  2. Screen resolution must be at least 1920 * 1080
  3. 8 Gb of ram
  4. Being able to run a long time on its battery

I’ve been looking around on the interwebs and after a while came to a shortlist which included:

  1. Dell XPS 13
  2. HP Spectre X360
  3. Lenovo X 240

After reading lot’s of reviews, and doing a lot of thinking I finally decided to go for the HP Spectre. All my requirements are met, it has a nice touchscreen and is a convertible. I just got it and will be posting what I thin about it on this site.

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Haven’t been posting a lot

We’ll it’s been a long time ago since I’ve updated my blog here, partly because I’ve got another blog I set up and partly because I’ve just been working on other stuff. Got back to rowing again and I’m coaching a group of people to improve their rowing skills.

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Weight loss

I’ve been having the flu for almost a week, and it certainly helps when loosing weight. It took almost 2 kilo of my current weight and seems to have put a big dent in my appetite, which actually was something I needed anyways.

So currently I’ve put the amount of dinner I use almost in half and it seems to be working, I’ve got a full feeling after having dinner and I’m not trying to eat as much as I can.  Now that I’m feeling better again I can also start to exercise again, to help the weight loss effort. Sometimes a little sickness is the help one needs ;).

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