There’s something I have always had a problem with, and it concerns handwriting. I have never been able to write in such a manner that it is readable by anyone but myself (just like the notes most physicians hand you, which only they and the chemist seem able to read).

I’ve tried numerous times to improve it but to no avail, it’s just not readable. I take my time, write slowly, but when finished, it’s just not readable. On average that’s not really a problem, unless when i try to read my notes, sometimes i have just written way to fast and I loose precious time determining what I have written down. Luckily nowadays nobody expects something to be written other than postcards ;).

To force me to write slowly, I use a Mont Blanc Fountain pen which has improved my writing somewhat.  But currently I’m hardly asked to do anything in written, and that is why i forced myself to regularly start to write something once every while. In most cases I will then put it on this blog. The notebook i bought is a moleskine notebook, primarily because I like its distinguished black look, and it feels comfortably in my hands. It’s not as big as my average notebooks I use for notes when attending meetings.



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  1. Don’t think using a brand name pen can improve any writing. Maybe thinking it would improve it made you try harder. Try an unusual tool, like writing on the sand, whatever. See how that improves your writing as an experiment!

  2. This I know, it’s actually a Fountain pen that improves it because it’s almost impossible to write fast with them. The reason I use a brand name pen are twofold: This kind of pen you don’t forget and the cheaper ones die on me after a month or so. Primarily because the tips get screwed. (as somebody explained to me this could be attributed toward me not being able to write in the same direction). I’ll try the sand writing though, maybe it helps.

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  4. If you do a search on better handwriting, you will find some instruction books. I use a Rotring 600 fountain pen and actually it doesn’t slow me down that much at all. When I came out of university several centuries ago, my handwriting had changed as I tried to write points down quickly in lectures. It was very small and involved lots of pen lifts in the middle of words. My first job that involved writing was for a research project where we wrote annotations of educational research and curriculum documents. We handwrote the annotations and they were typed up by a long-suffering typists. At a staff meeting she complained rightly about my microscopic handwriting. So I decided to try and blow it up in size and after some practice it improved considerably. It seemed foolish to hand microscopic handwriting to a typist capable of 80 words a minute and force her to peer down and stop after every word or two. I found some book I think from Faber on Italic handwriting, which showed how to hold the pen and how to form the letters, but I only picked up a few tips from that. I have my own style and certain moves are for speed and clarity.

  5. May I recommend the Handwriting Repair web-site at http://learn.to/handwrite ?

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