What happened to Palm

I just read the following post over at zdnet:

Palm announces the Treo 680 by ZDNet‘s Matthew Miller — Palm officially announced the release of the Treo 650 successor that runs the Palm OS and does away with the external antenna. 3G and WiFi support is not provided on this unit that should be on the lower end of the cost spectrum when pricing, availability, and carriers are announced later this year.

In the early days I actually would have been excited by most announcements of Palm, I liked the sleek five, bought the Tungsten T when they put it in the market place and was contemplating whether my next cell phone would be a treo. But palm just doesn’t bring it anymore, it feels like ages since they put something on the market that I would like to have. The lifedrive is nice, but it doesn’t do it for me. The new T|X is nice, but the only improvement I can see is wifi. They’ve got a Treo with windows mobile, but i can already foresee how easy syncing would be with my linux laptop, so no thankx.

It just seems that they’ve lost their groove, the style hasn’t changed a lot, development of the “outsourced” OS has come to almost a standstill (though Access company has announced a new logo and is working on a linux based OS). But they’re taking an awfull lot of time and in the meanwhile other players are entering the arena. Will they ever get their groove back? I don’t think it. There are more interesting gadgets entering the arena including cell-phones, mobile devices like the Nokia 770 and the small Origami PC’s which i gather will also run linux. And then you also have the Nazbatag and the Chumby.

Especially the Nazbatag and the Chumby have a lot of potential as they’re providing you with information in a manner that most others just don’t do. They can warn you of trafficjams, without having to start your pc. And the Chumby with a screen can even show you the headlines of the news. But more about the potential of Chumby like stuff in a next post.


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