Am i getting glitzy GUI tired?

Lastly I’ve been wondering whether I suffer from a serious “Tired of a Glitzy GUI” syndrome. You might think why, let me explain. The last few months most tech publication on the net or in print have been busy describing the new gui’s of Vista and Office and somewhat less about the glitzy gui possibilities of Linux distro’s.

And every time I read about it the only thing I’m wondering about is how will it make me more productive. Yes wobbling gui’s etc. might be fun, but I’m not interested so much in fun. After switching from windows XP to Linux, I have somewhat become accustomed to the spartan Gnome GUI, which is very basic, but it fits my need. Currently when I’m at an XP box, the first thing i do is set it back to the W2K gui because it’s so basic “and fast”.

Why not putting effort into making the GUI more useful instead of making it more glitzy. I know, Glitzy sells, but some of the stuff I’ve seen lately really makes sense. The click wheel of the iPod for some reason makes sense, after a minute you understand how it works and what it’s supposed to do and it can make scrolling really fast. It’s simple does it. I wish more people would bring stuff back to the basics. Give it a function and that’s it. I like the modularity of Linux just because of that, what I don’t need, I won’t install. For the same reason I like most of the internet based wordprocessors. They are simple and for quickly entering text it just does as advertized.

Maybe web2.0 will bring us more of these simplified gui’s, but I’m afraid once we hit web4.0 bloat will be king again…. I wish some of these developers would understand that KISS is still the acronym they should use and when they want to make stuff very glitzy, please also provide a simple design to be used by those that prefer Simple over Glitz….


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