My Garmin Forerunner 305

I happen to own a Garmin forerunner 305 which i use for my workouts, and I do love it. My only gripe is that I still have to use windows to download the data to the motionbased website, but I can live with that. You can’t always have it both ways (you actually can download you’re trainings out of it on Linux, but it’s not as nice as one would hope).

The motion based website is very nice as you can see your run projected on google earth and I’ve got to say the pictures provided are very neat. But there’s one thing that I just thought about. Though I don’t really mind it, people via motionbased can pinpoint you’re hose pretty quickly (especially when you’re point of departure most of the time is you’re house).

The only added functionality I would like being added is the possibility to actually continuously broadcast you’re location while running, so people could actually see what you’re up to ;).

But this just as an aside, what i really like about it, is the fact that it provides you with data, and these data seem better than the data I received from my Timex, as that wasn’t capable of also providing location data (at least the one I had). It’s a lot easier to see actual progress when you’re able to measure even the smallest extra speed when running or rowing. If you’re into sports, I would definately recommend this one and I don’t think it will end up in my Gadget Graveyard.


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