Being European is after all not so bad

Lastly I’ve been somewhat disappointed because a lot of goodies where coming somewhat belated towards the mainland. Especially the Playstation III and the Zune will not be available overhere before X-mas. And if i can believe the media we might be lucky if we get the Zune by next year X-mas.

But then again, when we receive the stuff the US and Japanese customers have found most glitches in the software so that means we probably will get a better experience. One thing i sincerely hope for is that by that time either apple has wifi enabled devices, i’ve got a new telephone with enough capabilities with regards to multimedia or that somebody has been able to put Linux on the Zune which would take away all restrictions which apply to the usage and probably enables it to run in HD mode. (actually then I think it would be a nice feature to have it show a website when somebody enters it’s vicinity and asks for contact…)

So sometimes it’s not that bad to be European after all, and remember, the nice people of Nintendo have ensured that we get the new Wii before X-mas, though somebody should  have told them about Sinterklaas 🙂


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