It seems that there is a new wind blowing on the internet, and I guess it’s been a reaction to Intelligent Design by the tech savy out there. The first time I actually noticed it was when reading my newspaper. I’m a reader of the NRC Handelsblad which is a Dutch newspaper but this just as an aside. I read the newspaper nowadays as I read the web, if it draws my attention, I’ll read it and this one was just a small piece about “the god Delusion” written by Richard Dawkins. It intrigued me a bit, but as with most of these pieces I read it, and promptly forget about it.

But then after I guess less than a week more reports started to emerge. Most of them on Digg, where there where links to lectures and a report he had been making I believe for Chanell 4 called “The root of all evil”. Though I hardly read the comments on Digg, one thing could be concluded if you’re a staunch believer in Creationism and/or God you had the biggest chance of bein dugg down. But all these information prompted me to think about it. Am I an atheist?

I’m pretty sure I am, I don’t believe in a God, Heaven or Hell. In my opinion they’ve always been metaphors for stuff we as humans didn’t understand fully or where affraid of. What I do believe however is that we as a society should have some common understandings about what is acceptable and what is not. Some would call this the law, but I would only agree if that law has been written down based upon common understanding and is not based upon a Bible, Koran or whatever book is used, as a law based fully upon religion is an oppressive law which gives hardly any freedom to those which believe in another God or those that decide that there is no “God like create” which punishes and rewards….



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2 responses to “Atheism

  1. Stuart

    The way I see it is that the actions by the religious “right wing” to try and spread misinformation in schools has triggered an outbreak of non-believers to step forward and defend their right to not have their children taught the earth is 6000 years old.

    It amuses me that religious preachers can bash evolution and science from their pulpits but get very unsettled when atheists like Dawkin’s do the same but in reverse.

  2. I Agree, but the strange thing is that we haven’t got this discussion going on in the Netherlands. (When somebody mentioned that creationism should become part of the curriculum it was dismissed as stupid).

    But even here in the Netherlands the media is talking about it and even on television people start proclaiming they are atheists.

    Some maybe could be attributed to those that misuse their religion and want to kick us back to the stone age ;).

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