My favorite pens

Well, after my short post about writing now something about my favorite writing utensils. As my handwriting is pretty bad as previously written i prefer to use a fountain pen. Currently I’m very happy with my Montblanc Meisterstuck, probably because it’s the first fountain pen that has lasted longer than a few months. But I’ve also have to mention that this is the first fountain pen that has made it into my agenda as a to do item. Namely cleaning the pen with some water and refilling it. From the same Montblanc I’ve also have a ball pen which I regularly use and a rollerball which most of the time merily is used for signing documents.

Next to the Montblanc pen, I’ve also got a Waterman ballpen which I prefer above the Montblanc pen, just because it flows a lot easier over the paper I guess, but I’ve got to hide it from my wife because she also likes it a lot…

For pencils i just use what’s at hand, never bothered to complete the Montblanc set, I’ve got a rotring three colors and a pencil pen which I regularly use and some of these pental pencils most company’s have in house and are easily refilled. I prefer the 0.3 point instead of the somewhat bigger 0.5 points because they provide cleaner drawings. And that’s where I use them for primarily, making drawings and sketches of systems, and I tend to make a lot of drawings when discussing stuff with clients or when I’m just working to create a better understanding for myself.


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