Time for reading

Yeps, sometimes you take the time for reading and I’ve decided to read the following books (actually mostly I just read them in the same timeframe, which makes it maybe somewhat harder, but it keeps the mind at least busy):

One of them is workbased and is targetted towards learning more about Ruby:  Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce - Christian Hellsten & Jarkko Laine

The second one I decided to start reading because of an article in the NRC concerning a young philosopher which statements made sense and I like to read stuff from people that make sense to me: The Hacker Ethic - Pekka Himanen 

The third one that I started reading is I guess for me a special one because in a previous post I already wrote about atheism and Richard Dawkins which is a strong atheist, so I decided to read his book, though I don’t need to be saved: The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

Furthermore I’m still reading the last part of Neal Stephonsons Trilogy. I haven’t got the book at hand currently so I’ll provide you with the title in a later post. The nice thing about reading those books is that all of them stimulate me to think or provide me with new food for thought. Pekka’s book is very thought proviking as I would hope, though it’s somewhat old (I regard older than 4 – 5 years as old). Dawkins book is very interesting because of his argument against religion (or maybe better said agains the zealots which can be found in any religion).

For those wondering, I’m not the one in the hospital bed. That’s the boyfriend of my mother in law which got a broken rib while skiing. I had a look at the website and every day i’ve been skiing more than 40 km’s which indeed was very rewarding. But that’s enough for now..


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