Its been a while

Been busy reading the books I wrote about in my last post, though I’ve not finished them yet, I’m thinking I made the right decissions this time by selecting these books. All three of them make you think, and that’s what it was al about for me.

Last week we’ve had a “severe storm” overhere in the Netherlands. It wasn’t the kind of spectacular storm which tends to hit the US and Asia, but it was a decent one. Unfortunately it also hit the old tree in our garden and the prospects aren’t very well for it. It’s root has come loose and the experts have told me that there’s no chance of saving it. So I’ve got to call in the Lumberjacks :(. As in the weekend there were also some strong winds we where mainly concerned about the tree falling and hitting the neighbours fence. But luckily it is still standing though its angle has become even more worriesome.

But apart from the tree, the house kept its roof so another reason to be happy. “You tend to worry a lot more about this if you live in a relatively old house” and ours was build in 1928. But then again, in those days they tended to make these houses of the best materials which where available. But when the strong winds hit the house it just tends to moan and make a lot of excess noise.

I’ll post some pictures of the tree in my flickr account. It’s the tree that’s not standing upright anymore.


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