The last weeks when we were at home has been really relaxing. Last saterday we decided to clean up the cellar and start using it  for storing our food, as the cupboards in the kitchen where getting rather full. (this because my wife never throws away food!!). As I already knew, the cellar was full of spiders so we first had to remove them (actually I had to remove them). And then my wife cleaned it up and started moving stuff into the cellar and lo behold, we know have cupboards which are rather empty and we can find stuff again.

On Sunday I made fresh spaghetti and bolognaise sauce and it tasted very good. Lately I’ve been using the sundays for slow cooking, taking recepis which take at least more than three hours and have the house filled with the smells of what I’m cooking.  And as i prepared the bolognaise sauce at 13:00 hours and we started dinner at 19:00, the sauce was as expected very nice. Possibly this was also contributed by the home made spaghetti which just always beats the dried one you can feth at the grocery store.

So tell me what are you’re favorite slow cooking recepis?


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