Some thoughts on Silverline

In the last few days I’ve read some stuff with regard to silverline. Rober Scoble had some nice commentary which I really liked. He compares it to flash which makes some sense. In short his points where:

  • Microsoft doesn’t want to loose more marketshare
  • Adobe has more distribution than WPF/E
  • Adobe’s development platform is more cross platform
  • Microsofts technology is flashier
  • Microsoft has a huge lead over Adobe with regards to HDTV

My first thought are as you probably will understand are somewhat mixed and confused. It seems WPF/E has been renamed silverline. So it should be more than the media stuff.

But there seems more to it. I think that Microsoft is somewhat optimistic as they miss some markets which might be crucial.

  • Mobile, they have MS mobile, but it’s running on smartphones (in the smartphone area they’ve gained traction but on all other phones, the majority they’re totally absent) only. Flash lite runs on almost any phone you can imagine. My gut feeling is that this arena might even become more important than the PC. Failure to get the other mobile OS’s on board could prove a big no no for content providers.
  • Usage of codecs which can’t be easily used on other platforms because of license restrictions etc.
  • Development is very MS centric which could put a lot of developers off. (especially those on macs and linux)

My take is that they could be loosing a lot more market share on those fronts that have the biggest growth potential, namely Mobile and Devices of which more and more are simply not running windows.


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