Is the old media sleeping

That’s one thing I’ve been pondering about, there’s a lot of stuff happening now a days especially by the proliferation of video via sites like youtube, dailymotion, yahoo and google video and several others. These sites, which are mostly user generated are already either having contracts or are getting into courts with the old media. Most court cases are about the sites not being able to distinguish between copyrighted and non copyrighted cases. Most clips are not much longer than a few minutes and provide a welcome diversion to most people. (A shift is underway where the television is loosing ground and the internet is gaining..)

But more is at hand which might be even more disturbing. Some will probably now, where a person is wearing a head camera 24/7 and submits a live feed over the internet. And here it’s getting interesting. How will the media and possible the right holders respond when people start submitting live feeds from concerts, sport events and the like…

Will they start banning all these recording devices? Will they start jamming the feeds in one way or the other? In a few months the first ones will show up and my guess is that the Olympics in 2008 will be the big test. Can they keep the cameras out of the sporting events or will we see a lot of events via the’s?

One thing to consider is that this could possible harm the revenue for a lot of sporting events, but could also bring into the limelight a lot of unknown sports..


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