Yesterdays newspaper

Yesterday in the newspaper I receive there was an entertaining story on the back of the paper. What made this story interesting to me was the attitude a tram driver in Amsterdam had. His name is Harry Smit and he drives on line 9. I hardly take the tram when I’m in Amsterdam but he actually makes me want to do so. He apparently loves his work and isn’t afraid to share this joy with the people on the tram.

When he had to work on Christmas, he showed up in Tuxedo and provided people with treats. He knows the regulars on his route and recognizes them and greets them. When an English passenger asked to be notified when the tram would stop at the “tropenmuseum” he took out his false teeth, got the spare ones out of his bag and replied “This are my English speaking teeth, what do you want?”

As an aside because people know him, pickpockets and freeriders  shun the tram he drives, because he knows them as well. So he even made the tram he’s driving somewhat saver.

But what I found refreshing is that Harry loves his work and isn’t afraid to show this, and uses his humor to make the best of every day. And in the end, shouldn’t we all just try to follow his lead and make working fun as it should be. So kudos for the reporter Otto Holzhaus for writing the article, and Harry for making sure that fun is an important part of his work.


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