Loosing weight

I’ve been postponing this for way to long as came apparent during last weeks ski trip. I’ve grown to much weight. After Christmas I was just over 100kg. Which in my opinion is just to much.  In the Netherlands we’ve got something called the Sonja Bakker diet, which my wife ones tried. Problem with this diet and with most diets is that I become increasingly grumpy and with grumpy I mean really grumpy.

I’m planning on writing a plan, which should incorporate my old love rowing and my Concept 2 rowing machine. I could go running again, but as my weight is just to high it would be better to just start rowing as that is better for my joints. I’ve got an account at traineo which is some kind of web2.0 site for people wanting to lose weight while increasing their sporting activity. It forces you to think about which trainings you did, the amount of calories you’ve been taking in etc.

I’ll post a regular update with regards to progress etc. My current weight is 98kg and it should go down at least another 13 kg.


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