Saturdays are always a resting point in the week, even more than Sundays, I guess we’ve rolled into some kind of rhythm which makes virtually every Saturday the same during day time unless of course we’ve got some planned visits etc.

It starts with getting up, I’ll head for the grocery, butcher and bakery and do the shopping while my wife goes to her running club. I get home after shopping, put everything away and when I’ve finished that the paperboy arrives with the newspaper. I’ll make myself breakfast and fetch a cup of coffee. Approximately then my wife arrives, she takes a shower and we start reading the newspaper together. We have lunch and then determine what the midday will look like. Sometimes we go for a walk, sometimes we read and most of the times there’s nothing that is mandatory.

At the end of the day we cook and have dinner and then in most cases just read some more or watch some television. Nothing more and nothing less. The nice thing though is that this proves a very good day for just relaxing, just because you know how the day will evolve :).

So now I’m heading off to enjoy my Saturday and wish all of you a good weekend.


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