I’ve installed the location tagger application on my Nokia N95 to play around with it and test the workings of it. I did this during a walk, where I also took my forerunner 305 with me. And this immediately brings me to my biggest gripe about the current GPS systems, they’re so damn slow before finding a fix that it’s just annoying.

The last time I used the forerunner this was in Italy and the same applied to the N95 GPS system. This for some or the other reason leads to an increase in the fixing time for both systems. While the N95 has assisted GPS which the forerunner lacks, the forerunner is quicker in finding the fix, which partly could also be attributed to the fact that you need to open the N95.

I’ve taken some pictures with the N95 which where automatically geo tagged which is nice, because now it’s not necessary anymore to put the on the map in Flickr. The only drawback is that the system still first needs to get a fix, which takes some time and you need to keep the N95 in the open. The idea is nice, but now we just need to find a way to have these darn GPS systems work without having them constantly being open in the air.


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