Having a rabbit

Is one of those things I wouldn’t want to miss. I’ve grown up with dogs, goats, rabbits, ducks and some other animals and when you’ve grown up with animals, it’s kinda hard not to have some of them around you, but unfortunately it’s not really feasible to have a dog, so we’ve settled at having a rabbit.

As rabbits are clean animals, after some time they can be left running around in the house, though it’s recommended to stay in the vicinity as they tend to like cables, especially telephone and  electricity. As we’ve had three rabbits, I can say that each of them have a different character. Our first one called fluffy was a very friendly animal, which could be picked up rather easy. Our second rabbit Tarzan, had a preference for me and listened only to me. Our third one, hardly listens to me and has a distinct preference for listening to my wife and is a lot more adventurous than the other two.

In all cases they’re just a friendly addition to your home and that is what counts..


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