HP spectre X360 continued

I’ve been using it now for several days and to be honest, I totally dig this windows machine, it just does what it needs to do and is very fast in booting up and shutting down. The keyboard is very comfortable and typing is pretty fast on it, as I type blind, I’m already get decent speeds on this keyboard, for one of the other reason there is also some learning curve with regards to new keyboards.

Currently I’m looking around for a pen to use with it so I can also do a bit more with some of my software, especially of course onenote, evernote and the adobe stack i’ve got.

The big test will of course come when the machine is fully loaded and some of the software starts to impact the load times. In the mean time I’ve decided to start off loading my Lenovo U510 and re-install it and start using it as the family laptop so my wife can also use it for her work.


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