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Another sunday walk

Today I walked with Cindy my wife as the weather was really gorgeous as there was no wind and the sky was blue with hardly any clouds. It should be somewhat alarming of course because if this weather keeps up, it’s just to warm. I’ve seen birds already preparing their nests, which they normally tend to do at the end of this month.

On the plus side of course it made it possible for us to go for a 12K walk, which apart from that it is healthy also means that we’ve got time to talk which is an added plus. After getting back, I made some fresh pasta which not only tastes very good, but also the process of making you’re own pasta for me is a joy, you get dirty hands and with just two basic ingredients you make a very tasteful pasta with a much better bite than the usual dried pasta. (And apart from that it just costs me 5 more minutes overall than using pasta out of a package).


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Almost easter

well, it’s almost easter again, from one of her customers my wife received an adoption chicken… Well, it’s not a real chicken you get though. You get a certificate, a website and once a month you can fetch a box of eggs at a nature store. The funny thing is that these chicken don’t live in what we call a laying battery, but instead can roam around freely. A great idea of course especially because you can enjoy the fruits of a chicken without killing it.

For most other animals this comes somewhat problematic we can enjoy them in the field, but they also taste very good, (at least that’s my opinion). But then again, most people would have trouble eating an animal they know unless they’ve been raised at a farm. (One of the reasons I hardly eat rabbit is because we used to have rabbits when I was young, and better not ask my sister about her favorite rabbit..)

One thing where we could make a different is with regards to fish. The numbers are getting trouble some and it seems that the politicians aren’t very willing to take some serious action with regards to this. They feel we should protect the fisherman and their investments, but what when we run out of fish, we still will have there problems. What we as customers can do is just stop buying and eating fish for a while, this might be hard, but when nobody is buying the fish, theres no need to go out fishing. But I guess that such a buyers strike would need so much coordination it’s almost undoable and lets not forget there are countries where fish is there main diet.

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