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Though it has definitely become part of our daily work routine, I have never really liked the programs I’ve had to use for getting access to my email account. To be more precise, reading isn’t the thing that bothers me, it’s the manner I’ve got to organize my emails that bother me. It’s very hard to keep track of conversations!!!

I’ve used most common email programs like Notes, Outlook, web based, thunderbird and am currently using evolution. But none of them is able to easily create a conversation record. Partly because not everybody pushes the reply button and partly because most people I guess don’t see it as a conversation.

The program would have to ask whether every email is part of a conversation or whether you want to create a new conversation based upon the email (I could think of several possible conversations like business, chittychat and friends). And that’s where there could come a vast improvement into the handling of email. It could prioritize those people I have business conversations with while the chittychat and friends could be delayed till I decide to look at those mails. (mind you, until i ask for them, i won’t see them!!!). It would even be better if before sending people would be asked about this.

One remark i need to make is that when something is important, people should always call, never email… But I guess most people find the email route just to convenient.


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There’s something I have always had a problem with, and it concerns handwriting. I have never been able to write in such a manner that it is readable by anyone but myself (just like the notes most physicians hand you, which only they and the chemist seem able to read).

I’ve tried numerous times to improve it but to no avail, it’s just not readable. I take my time, write slowly, but when finished, it’s just not readable. On average that’s not really a problem, unless when i try to read my notes, sometimes i have just written way to fast and I loose precious time determining what I have written down. Luckily nowadays nobody expects something to be written other than postcards ;).

To force me to write slowly, I use a Mont Blanc Fountain pen which has improved my writing somewhat.  But currently I’m hardly asked to do anything in written, and that is why i forced myself to regularly start to write something once every while. In most cases I will then put it on this blog. The notebook i bought is a moleskine notebook, primarily because I like its distinguished black look, and it feels comfortably in my hands. It’s not as big as my average notebooks I use for notes when attending meetings.


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