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Loosing weigth

I guess it’s that period of the year again, the time for loosing weight. I’m currently overweight as i would say it, with a BMI above 27 and my weight being 95,4 kg. If I want to start running again, I definitely need to loose weight especially to spare my knees which are fine, instead of running when to heavy I’ve decided to use my concept II to do my ED and only do short distance running. (ED is extensive duration trainings).

My first goal is to get my weight below 90kg as that would already ensure some less weight on my knees. When i reach the 90 kg mark i will reward myselves with some new running shoes, though i’m not sure yet which ones I will buy. If you’ve got favorite ones, please tell .. (currently using nike shokx). Though I was planning to run the nyc marathon this year, i’ve decided to postpone till next year, firstly because I already ran it and secondly because I don’t feel confident I can train enough to really run a decent time. But this just gives me enough time to decide whether I will be running a spring marathon next year.

Currently I’m bringing slowly down the amounts of calories I take in, as that is a primary source for loosing weight. I don’t believe in all those books with some kind of diets, just more sporting, taking in @ least 2ltrs of water a day and reducing my calories should do the trick.


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It has been some time

Since my last post. I’ve been actually very busy working on a solution for calculating the expected costs for cleaning based upon square meters and usage of the room. This has been taking all of my time and in addition some other stuff has come along, ensuring that I’m particularly busy. But this has also let to me not doing any running. Next week we will be out for some serious skiing on the slopes of Val Thorens. I’ve never been there before, but it’s the highest available resort so it seems in Europe and after the lukewarm start of the skiing season this seemed like the most safe bet and it seems we’re having at least 1.80 up on the mountain which seems enough to me anyways. Normally we travel during the night, but this time we’ve decided to start driving in the early morning (though I doubt my wife understands that we will have to get up really really early 😉 )

After that some new challenges are awaiting, especially as I need to gain some new customers, need to specifically get my sporting together again. I’m a member of the local rowing club for three years, but have just rowed once. That definitely needs some improving. Though I planned to run the NYC marathon this year again, I think it’s better to postpone this until next year. But before I start sporting intensively again, I’ll have a test with what is called the SMA (Sport Medical Advice).  Especially because I’ve been sporting intensively while at the University.

Furthermore my wife has decided that I need to buy some new clothes. I don’t necessary tend to agree with her, but I think she has a point, as she most of the time has. So after the holiday we will have a visit into the city to buy some new clothes for me.

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My Garmin Forerunner 305

I happen to own a Garmin forerunner 305 which i use for my workouts, and I do love it. My only gripe is that I still have to use windows to download the data to the motionbased website, but I can live with that. You can’t always have it both ways (you actually can download you’re trainings out of it on Linux, but it’s not as nice as one would hope).

The motion based website is very nice as you can see your run projected on google earth and I’ve got to say the pictures provided are very neat. But there’s one thing that I just thought about. Though I don’t really mind it, people via motionbased can pinpoint you’re hose pretty quickly (especially when you’re point of departure most of the time is you’re house).

The only added functionality I would like being added is the possibility to actually continuously broadcast you’re location while running, so people could actually see what you’re up to ;).

But this just as an aside, what i really like about it, is the fact that it provides you with data, and these data seem better than the data I received from my Timex, as that wasn’t capable of also providing location data (at least the one I had). It’s a lot easier to see actual progress when you’re able to measure even the smallest extra speed when running or rowing. If you’re into sports, I would definately recommend this one and I don’t think it will end up in my Gadget Graveyard.

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