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Haven’t been posting a lot

We’ll it’s been a long time ago since I’ve updated my blog here, partly because I’ve got another blog I set up and partly because I’ve just been working on other stuff. Got back to rowing again and I’m coaching a group of people to improve their rowing skills.


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It’s been a week since I wrote and started executing on the Training program and up till now it’s been working out as I expected. Trainings are going pretty well and I’m keeping the heart rate as low as possible, which in my case always seems to be somewhat difficult.

One of the exercises was just walking, which is a nice manner to keep you’re heart rate down while doing something I generally enjoy, hiking.

In the coming weeks the schema will become tougher and I should start to see some progress in loosing weight, which is another important part of the schema.

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Training schema

I’ve created a training schema for the first three weeks now. I’ll be primarily using the rowing machine for trainings and the schema has some intervals but is primarily based upon extensive duration (ED) trainings.

Reason for choosing ED is that it enables me to increase my fat burning capability,  which is necessary if I want to loose some wait which is necessary. After these three weeks I have planned a first test which is based upon the measuring you’re heart rate after 3 minutes performing at a certain wattage. (and doing this five times at different wattages) I’ve never done this test but as I understand it’s a good basis for measuring progress.

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