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Weight loss

I’ve been having the flu for almost a week, and it certainly helps when loosing weight. It took almost 2 kilo of my current weight and seems to have put a big dent in my appetite, which actually was something I needed anyways.

So currently I’ve put the amount of dinner I use almost in half and it seems to be working, I’ve got a full feeling after having dinner and I’m not trying to eat as much as I can.  Now that I’m feeling better again I can also start to exercise again, to help the weight loss effort. Sometimes a little sickness is the help one needs ;).


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It’s been a week since I wrote and started executing on the Training program and up till now it’s been working out as I expected. Trainings are going pretty well and I’m keeping the heart rate as low as possible, which in my case always seems to be somewhat difficult.

One of the exercises was just walking, which is a nice manner to keep you’re heart rate down while doing something I generally enjoy, hiking.

In the coming weeks the schema will become tougher and I should start to see some progress in loosing weight, which is another important part of the schema.

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Training schema

I’ve created a training schema for the first three weeks now. I’ll be primarily using the rowing machine for trainings and the schema has some intervals but is primarily based upon extensive duration (ED) trainings.

Reason for choosing ED is that it enables me to increase my fat burning capability,  which is necessary if I want to loose some wait which is necessary. After these three weeks I have planned a first test which is based upon the measuring you’re heart rate after 3 minutes performing at a certain wattage. (and doing this five times at different wattages) I’ve never done this test but as I understand it’s a good basis for measuring progress.

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Loosing weight

I’ve been postponing this for way to long as came apparent during last weeks ski trip. I’ve grown to much weight. After Christmas I was just over 100kg. Which in my opinion is just to much.  In the Netherlands we’ve got something called the Sonja Bakker diet, which my wife ones tried. Problem with this diet and with most diets is that I become increasingly grumpy and with grumpy I mean really grumpy.

I’m planning on writing a plan, which should incorporate my old love rowing and my Concept 2 rowing machine. I could go running again, but as my weight is just to high it would be better to just start rowing as that is better for my joints. I’ve got an account at traineo which is some kind of web2.0 site for people wanting to lose weight while increasing their sporting activity. It forces you to think about which trainings you did, the amount of calories you’ve been taking in etc.

I’ll post a regular update with regards to progress etc. My current weight is 98kg and it should go down at least another 13 kg.

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Loosing weigth

I guess it’s that period of the year again, the time for loosing weight. I’m currently overweight as i would say it, with a BMI above 27 and my weight being 95,4 kg. If I want to start running again, I definitely need to loose weight especially to spare my knees which are fine, instead of running when to heavy I’ve decided to use my concept II to do my ED and only do short distance running. (ED is extensive duration trainings).

My first goal is to get my weight below 90kg as that would already ensure some less weight on my knees. When i reach the 90 kg mark i will reward myselves with some new running shoes, though i’m not sure yet which ones I will buy. If you’ve got favorite ones, please tell .. (currently using nike shokx). Though I was planning to run the nyc marathon this year, i’ve decided to postpone till next year, firstly because I already ran it and secondly because I don’t feel confident I can train enough to really run a decent time. But this just gives me enough time to decide whether I will be running a spring marathon next year.

Currently I’m bringing slowly down the amounts of calories I take in, as that is a primary source for loosing weight. I don’t believe in all those books with some kind of diets, just more sporting, taking in @ least 2ltrs of water a day and reducing my calories should do the trick.

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